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Here's a list of few applications and libraries/engines that use Imaging. If you are a developer of a project using Imaging and want your project listed here contact admin.

QIP Infium Qip Infium is freeware multiprotocol instant messenger with close source code with support for external modules. It is designed for instant communication via the public servers. Today QIP Infium supports OSCAR(ICQ), XMPP (Jabber), Gtalk (Jabber), LiveJournal (Jabber), Mail.Ru Agent, IRC and XIMSS (SIP)
IcoFX IcoFX is an award winning freeware icon editor. It is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing. With a wealth of tools and more than 40 effects at your fingertips, there's virtually no limit to the icons you can create.
Color Tools • A Photoshop-like color picker tool which is always at hand
• A simple image editor and converter
• Capturing screenshots with alpha transparency
Dragon UnPACKer This program allow you to open the game resource files in an explorer-like interface then extract the content at will. More than 80 games are supported directly.
Stereographic Suite IndaSoftware Stereographic Suite is a software package designed to help users easily and quickly create high-quality stereograms. The suite consists of three complementary programs: Stereogram Generator, Texture Maker, and Modeler.
SI_Browser SI_Browser is a multiplatform viewer for DICOM (Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine) images. It doesn't require installation nor other files (framework, library, etc.) and it is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Asphyre Sphinx Asphyre Sphinx is the latest framework for developing 2D/3D video games and interactive business applications. It aids the developer with resource management, displaying 2D and 3D graphics in real-time, capture keyboard, mouse and joystick input.
AniFX AniFX is a freeware cursor editor. It is an all-in-one solution for cursor creation, extraction and editing. You can easily convert your favorite images into cursors, or cursors into images. With AniFX you can extract cursors from other files, including Windows Vista and Macintosh files.
Cover Professional Cover Professional lets you create professional looking virtual covers, books, cards, screenshots. Choose one of the options presented in the program, set the angle and background color, adjust the light, shadow, and reflection and press Render. It is as simple as that.
CentrED CentrED stands for Centralized Editing. It is a Client/Server based map editor for Ultima™ Online.
cdrtfe A small burning application for Windows. cdrtfe is a frontend for the cdrtools (cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, cdda2wav), Mode2CDMaker and VCDImager. It can burn data discs (CD and DVD), Audio CDs, XCDs, (S)VCDs and DVD-Video discs.
PImager, Cosmos4D, GaiaCAD PImager is a Full 32bit colour Image Editor for Ms Windows. Cosmos4D is Real time, 4D, multimedia authoring tool. GaiaCAD is a CAD/G.I.S. (Geographic Information Systems) authoring tool.
Photo User Pro Program "Photo User" is made for photo managing, fast access to the images and for quick photo manipulation. This soft allows you to do all these functions quickly with very big amount of photos. "Photo User" saves your time and brings the joy of photographing.
Aztlan Dreams Aztlan Dreams is a turn-based puzzle strategy game with role-playing elements. In this fantastic game you have to use powerful spells from five unique magic realms to conquer the terrain and defeat enemy wizards.
DS-Rom Organizer DS Rom Organizer is a tool for Windows that is designed for making management and organization of your Nintendo DS Games easier. It allows you to easily store your games in the application, view all of its information, organize the way you want, and even get them transferred over to your “Device” with the press of 1 button.
EGSL EGSL is a small interpreter written in Pascal which can execute Lua scripts. So you can do all what you can do with Lua but even more … because I implemented some graphics routines so you can write graphical programs.