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10th July 2005

Version 0.14 Is Out

Imaging 0.14 has been released. Here are the most notable changes and additions:

  • PNG loading/saving support added
  • Delphi.NET wrapper added
  • Basic high level class based interface added
  • 14 new low level functions added (mipmap generation, rectangle copying/filling, image splitting/mapping, ...)
  • you can now use Imaging with MPL or LGPL license
  • new demos, image data formats, bug fixes, ...

You can download 0.14 at Downloads page. Information about the newest version can be found in Documentation.

2nd May 2005

Work on Imaging 0.14 in progress

Current working version 0.13 contains many bug fixes, PNG file format support, some new image data formats and low level functions. Wrapper for Delphi.NET was also added. You can get it from project's CVS repository (look at project's SourceForge page for details). Next released version will be 0.14 and it should be finished in June 2005.

13th March 2005

Version 0.12 Released

Imaging 0.12 is finally finished. You can download it at Downloads page. Information on the newest version can be found in Documentation.

13th December 2004

Project founded

I have just founded Vampyre Imaging Library project at SourceForge. I am now working on the first file relase which will be version 0.12 and I am also going to complete this site.
By the time this release is finished you can obtain current version 0.11 from CVS and get some information at project's SourceForge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/imaginglib/.

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