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25th January 2007

Imaging 0.22.0 Released

Version 0.22.0 of Imaging has been released! As I posted before, main new addition is Extras package with several new file formats and other stuff. There are also changes in general file format support and other places. As always, all bugs that were found were fixed (and I hope not many new ones created).

Main news/changes in 0.22.0:

  • Extras package with support for PCX, JPEG 2000 (not native), and old Bethesda games images (IMG, CIF, texture.*, BSI).
  • Core library support for loading and saving Portable AnyMap formats: PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM, and PFM.
  • High level interface classes were extended and updated as well as VCL/CLX/LCL support, low level interface, and canvas classes.
  • Demos were extended, updated, and fixed.

You can download 0.22.0 at Downloads page. Further information about the latest version can be found on Documentation page.

30th December 2006

New Year As Well As New Release Is Coming

The code is almost ready. Just final testing and documentation update. Unfortunately, my January will be very very bussy so I won't have much time to do it. Therefore, 0.22 could be released anytime during January 2007 but end of the month is more probable.

There will be new package with extra stuff like demos and Imaging extensions. There is already support for PCX, JPEG2000, PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM, PFM, and more image file formats. Library core changes are mainly in file format support. You can get current working version in SVN repository as always.

For a past few days Imaging project rank at SourceForge was bellow 1000 (out of nearly 140 000 projects) for the first time. Thank you all for support.

22nd November 2006

Migrated Repository To SubVersion

Imaging now uses SubVersion repository instead of CVS. All new source changes will be commited there. CVS still works but it won't be updated. Look here for Imaging's SVN info: http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=125626.

30th October 2006

Imaging 0.20.0 Released

Version 0.20.0 of Imaging has been released! New features are in and many bugs found in 0.18 has been fixed. There is also new Imaging Forum available.

Main news/changes in 0.20.0:

  • New TImagingCanvas class with methods for drawing objects and applying effects was added (although there is not much functionality yet).
  • New image data formats based on 16bit half-float (FP16) type has been added and OpenGL and Direct3D extensions can now create textures in these formats too.
  • Imaging now compiles and works on 64bit CPUs (Linux on AMD64).
  • High level interface classes were extended and updated as well as VCL/CLX/LCL support and low level interface.
  • Some old demos were removed, new added, and rest was updated.

You can download 0.20.0 at Downloads page. Further information about the latest version can be found in Documentation.

15th October 2006

Info About Next Release And Some Space Shooter

New Imaging version 0.20 will be released at the end of this month. It will have new image formats based on 16 bit floating point numbers (FP16), extended high level interface, new TCanvas like class (but most probably only preview version for now), and many other things.

You can look at my Earth Under Fire game (won 3rd place in PGD Big Boss Competition) which uses Imaging to load and create OpenGL textures (stored mostly as DXTC DDS files).

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