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Marek Mauder
About Vampyre Imaging Library is cross-platform native Object Pascal (Delphi and Free Pascal) image loading, saving, and manipulation library.
Downloads Get the latest source code from Mercurial repository. Latest release version is 0.26.4 released on 12th October 2009. Get the library package in 7z or ZIP format: Imaging.7z | Imaging.ZIP.


4th July 2012

Repository URLs Changed

Imaging's source code repositories (Mercurial and SubVersion) hosted at SourceForge have new URLs now due to SourceForge's infrasctructure changes. The old ones will still work for some time but there won't be any new commits.

New URLs:

  • Mercurial: http://hg.code.sf.net/p/imaginglib/code
  • SubVersion: [svn|http]://svn.code.sf.net/p/imaginglib/code-0

Just a reminder, Imaging's SubVersion repository will be phased out completely in a foreseeable future.

1st November 2011

Current Status

Work on Imaging was paused from autumn 2010 to summer 2011 due to me being swamped with work but it's going on again now. If you want the latest sources follow the repository commits (you can get the whole thing as a zip archive without messing with source control clients) as I still have few items I want to finish before next full release is done (that would be version 0.80).

Some new features/changes implemented since the last update here: Delphi XE 2 compatibility (Win64 and Mac OS X targets, FireMonkey), Radiance HDR/RGBE file format support, new floating point data formats, 1bit support in few image formats (PNG, MNG, TIFF), some new metadata support, bug fixes, and more.

Imaging's source code repository at SourceForge has been migrated from Subversion to Mercurial. Subversion repository will still be updated for some time (probably till 0.80 release). In the side menu on the right you can now find list of the latest commits in Imaging's repository. It's based on RSS feed provided by HgWeb. I also prepared listing of feeds from Imaging forum and Imaging-related blog posts but unfortunatelly SourceForge doesn't allow outside connections from project web sites that they are hosting :(

23rd June 2010

Next update status

Work on the next version of Imaging is on the way. Has been for several months. Some of the features you can find in SVN repository:
loading and saving of some metadata image information, Direct3D 10/11 texture support, Graphics32 interfacing, 1bit image support, image error metrics (psnr, rmse, ...). Many more features are planned so stay tuned for next Imaging release - hopefully sometime before during autumn 2010.

Check the status of upcoming Imaging in this forum thread.

13th October 2009

Imaging 0.26.4 Just Released

New release of Imaging library is here.

  • [+] APNG file format (Animated PNG) loading, animating, and saving added to existing PNG support.
  • [+] Arbitrary angle image rotation.
  • [*] Mac OS X (Intel) compatibility (garbled LCL bitmaps in Carbon, JPEG 2000 support, ...).
  • [+] XPM file format saving added, JPEG 2000 file format loading improved.
  • [+/F] New canvas methods: premultiply and unpremultiply alpha. New methods for TFastARGB32Canvas: InvertColors, DrawAlpha/StretchDrawAlpha. Fixed DrawAlpha/StretchDrawAlpha destination alpha calculation.
  • [+] Three new extensions in Extras/Extensions directory: ImagingJpegIJL.pas uses Intel Jpeg Library to load/save Jpegs (DLL needed), ImagingSquishLib.pas uses Squish DXTC library with Imaging (DLL needed), ElderImagerySky.pas loads SKY images from Daggerfall.
  • [+] Conversions between RGB and YCoCg colorspaces.
  • [F] Bug fixes: loading of some GIFs when using D2009+ failed, bugged XPM loading in Linux, indexed images resizing leak, PNM saving using D2009+, DXT3 alpha encoding, RGB>>CMYK conversion, garbled images in Lazarus GTK IDE.
  • [*] Delphi 2010 and Lazarus 0.9.28 compatibility fixes.

You can download 0.26.4 at Downloads page. Further information about the latest version can be found on Documentation page.

31st August 2009

Imaging 0.26.4 Status

Full APNG support is already done, as well as Mac OSX compatibility improvements, some new canvas methods, XPM file format improvements, and several fixes (DXT3 alpha encoding, D2009 GIF loading, ...). Some new extensions were created for new release: Squish based DXT compressor and IJL based JPEG handler.

Now it's only arbitrary angle rotations and few more fixes (I'll check Delphi 2010 compatibility as well) before Imaging 0.26.4 can be released.

If you're interested in JPEG 2000 support for your Object Pascal applications without the need for full Imaging library check out my new project — JPEG 2000 for Pascal library.

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